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Walk It Out
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Do you like walking and talking whilst in the outdoors? This is great both physically and mentally. Join me for a 45 - 60 minute session to walk it out.

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Face To Face

 (via zoom or in person)

Have you come to a roadblock or challenge in your personal or professional life?  I will help guide, inspire and challenge you to use your full potential in moving forward towards your dreams and goals. Get in contact today for a  Face To Face  45 - 60 minute session either in person or via Zoom.

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Visual Vibes 


Are you a visual person?  Creating vision and telling stories through what we see can have a valuable impact - if you can see it you can believe it.  Entwining coaching and playing with photography sound like fun?  Connect with me today. 

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Rave Reviews


Tony, (Company Owner), Auckland, NZ

"We engaged Michelle to undertake her personal and professional coaching program as part of up-skilling our senior team. The feedback has been excellent. Our team have become more focused on the small number of things that can make a real difference to our company. And they seem happier too."


Who Am I?

Free Thinker, Human Connector, Listening Box

 As a personal-growth coach, I help people to take control of their personal and professional lives empowering them to grow and develop with a new sense of purpose and direction.


Why Coaching ?


My Coaching Story

After moving back to New Zealand having lived abroad for many years, I hit a roadblock in my life.

Through reassessing my priorities and working to understand how to live a happy and fulfilled life, I had the realisation that one of my greatest strengths was my natural ability to coach and support my friends, family and colleagues through the challenges they faced in their every-day lives.

So, with a new clarity of thinking, a lot of determination and with the support of my family and friends I took the step to formally train as a personal-growth coach. And I haven’t looked back.

"If you change the way you look at things 

The things you look at change"

Wayne Dyer 


Training at NZ Life Coaching has equipped me with some of the tools and techniques that I use to coach my clients. I also offer insights gained from a lifetime of both personal and work experiences; I’ve held a range of human resources, finance and business support roles in the engineering, interior design, finance, telecommunications and travel sectors in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

My enduring passion in life lies in travel; I’ve immersed myself in the cultures of 48 countries, seeking to understand what makes each country unique and looking to reveal what life is like for the people that live there. Through travel, I’ve also developed a real love of art and photography as a means of capturing what I see and also what is revealed to me (see more at www.wolfeandworld.com) and I draw on this in some of my coaching techniques.

My Coaching Philosophy

As a coach I see in others what sometimes they don't always see in themselves.  I come from a place of non-judgement, genuine caring, empathy and calm.  I will listen presently, respectfully using my experience, skills and intuition to guide.  I support my clients to progress through roadblocks they maybe experiencing in their current life working through what is doable not what is damaged. This is the essence of who I am and the qualities I bring to coaching.

My Coaching Values

Empathy, Growth Mindset, Intuition 


What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?  Vincent Van Gogh